David Richardson. ‘The Simpsons’ writer dies aged 65

David Richardson. ‘The Simpsons’ writer dies aged 65
David Richardson. ‘The Simpsons’ writer dies aged 65

David Richardson, who worked on some of TV’s most successful comedies in recent memory, from The Simpsons to Two and a Half Men, has passed away. He was 65.

The cause of death of the creative, who recently served as an executive producer on the Netflix animated series F is for familyIt was heart failure, the Deadline site noted.

The John Larroquette show, 8 simple rules, Manhattan AZ, Phenom and those already mentioned Two and a Half Men, The Simpsons and Malcolm in the middle were some productions in which Richardson performed.

He highlights that for the ‘yellow family’ he wrote the popular episode of season 5, Homer loves Flanders.

He began his writing career in 1985 thanks to the series Grandby Michael Leeson, which starred Pamela Red and Bonnie Hunt. And then he played in the comedy Empty Nest.

« I met David in 2000, when he was my boss at What About Joan, and I never forgot how great he was as a writer, host and friend, » said Michael Price, creator with Bill Burr of F is for family.

“When I had the opportunity to become a showrunner on F Is For family, he was the first person I called to add to the staff. (…) He was my right hand, always throwing great jokes, masterful with the story and just a great guy. His footprints are in every frame of the program and his loss is immeasurable for me« Prince added.


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