Coronavirus Updates: UK has highest death rate from COVID-19 in world

Coronavirus UK Updates: Birmingham City Council leader says Tier 3 is 'inevitable'
Coronavirus UK Updates: Birmingham City Council leader says Tier 3 is 'inevitable'

The UK has suffered the second-highest rate of deaths from the
coronavirus pandemic after Spain, according to excess mortality figures.

Britain has recorded 59,537 more deaths than the normal level since the week ending March 20, an analysis of 19 worst-hit countries by the Financial Times found.

This suggests that the virus has already directly or indirectly killed 891 people per million – higher than any other country for which reliable data exists.

When the absolute number of excess deaths is compared, the UK is the worst-hit in Europe and is second to the US globally.

On percentage increase in deaths compared to normal levels, the UK is the highest in Europe, tops the US and is second to Peru internationally.

The trends were revealed from a study by the FT that compared 19 countries for which robust data exists, including all the worst-hit European nations.

The UK’s official coronavirus death toll currently stands at 37,460, after another rise of 412 on Thursday, the highest in Europe with Italy at 33,072, France 28,596 and Spain 27,118.

Other countries including China, Brazil and Russia have suffered large death tolls during the pandemic but their mortality rates are eclipsed by the UK as the number of deaths is smaller compared with their much larger populations.


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