Coronavirus Uk Updates: London could be moved into Tier 3 as early as today, says Sadiq Khan

Coronavirus UK Updates: Matt Hancock to announce tier changes following review
Coronavirus UK Updates: Matt Hancock to announce tier changes following review

Sadiq Khan has called on the Government to provide clarity on whether London will enter Tier 3, saying it is “possible” an announcement could be made today.

He told Sky News: “My understanding is that Covid-O is meeting as we speak – that’s the sub-committee of the Cabinet that makes the recommendations.

“We will have to wait and see what the Government decides – it’s a Government decision, not my decision or London leaders’ decision.”

The Mayor of London suggested moving the capital up a Tier could be a “blunt instrument” that might not address the surge in cases.

He added: “London provides huge amount to the country in terms of money into the coffers… it will be not just London that suffers but the country as a whole. It is in the country’s interest… for London not to suffer the catastrophic consequences of the next few weeks.”

– Have your say: Should London schools shut before the Christmas holiday?

Despite central Government stressing the high priority of education, after months of lockdown, the London council of Greenwich has advised that all schools shut from this evening, as cases in the borough surge.

Sadiq Khan says he is sympathetic towards the move – although Sir Keir Starmer said he would prefer schools to make use of inset days rather than attempt a return to remote learning.

Alok Sharma this morning said their preference was for schools to remain open. However, with suggestions that London could be placed into Tier 3 as early as today, is a pre-Christmas closure the right approach?


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