Coronavirus UK Updates: Boris Johnson faces backlash over delay

Coronavirus UK Updates: Boris Johnson faces backlash over delay
Coronavirus UK Updates: Boris Johnson faces backlash over delay

Boris Johnson has ordered a four-week national lockdown in England from Thursday, but is facing criticism that his delay in imposing restrictions will have a “very real” human cost.

– Angela Rayner hits out at Boris Johnson’s “dithering and delaying “over lockdown

Labour’s deputy leader Angela Rayner has launched a Twitter tirade at the Government for failing to implement a full lockdown when deaths were at 11 a day in October.

The Labour frontbencher hit out at Michael Gove’s claims he didn’t leak the lockdown details to the press which forced the coronavirus press conference penned in for Monday to be moved forward to last night.

She added: “A failed incompetent government that has completely lost it’s way, it cannot even trust it’s own ministers now, these lockdown measures should have been announced to parliament not leaked to a newspaper, these measures are serious and have grave consequences for so many people.”

– Keir Starmer says NHS Test and Trace problems must be sorted during lockdown

Sir Keir Starmer said Labour “will support the Government’s message” but called on them to fix the issues around NHS Test and Trace.

The Labour leader told BBC One’s The Andrew Marr Show: “The Government has to keep its side of the bargain here because if they don’t use this time to fix Test, Trace and Isolate, then I think December 2 will be a review date not an end date.

“Because for months and months and months they’ve promised a world-beating test, trace and isolate system which is vital… it’s been busted for months.

“Use the time to fix it because otherwise we’re going to be back in this cycle for months and months and months.”

He added: “They’ve promised so much and delivered so little.”


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