Coronavirus UK Update: Two ‘healthy’ teens, 13 and 19, die in London

Coronavirus UK Update: Two 'healthy' teens, 13 and 19, die in London
Coronavirus UK Update: Two 'healthy' teens, 13 and 19, die in London

Two apparently healthy teenagers have died in London after contracting coronavirus.

Ismail Mohamed Abdulwahab, 13, and Luca Di Nicola, 19, both passed away having picked up the deadly virus.

Ismail, a schoolboy from Brixton, started showing symptoms and had trouble breathing on Thursday so was rushed to hospital, his relatives said.

The British military is deploying 80 personnel to help one of the UK’s main ambulance services cope.

The personnel have been assigned to drive emergency vehicles as well as take calls for South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS) which covers Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Sussex and Surrey.

A SCAS spokesman said the extra staff would enable the service to have an extra 20-30 ambulances on the road each day, a 10% increase on its normal 180-200.

ops have been told not to punish people travelling a “reasonable distance” to exercise.

The new guidance, issued by the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) and the College of Policing, states: “Use your judgement and common sense;

“For example, people will want to exercise locally and may need to travel to do so – we don’t want the public sanctioned for travelling a reasonable distance to exercise.

“Road checks on every vehicle is equally disproportionate. We should reserve enforcement only for individuals who have not responded to engage, explain, and encourage, where public health is at risk.”

More than 4,000 people have died from the coronavirus in the US, according to the latest grim numbers released early Wednesday morning.

Nearly 190,000 in the country have tested positive for the virus, which originated in China several months ago.

Experts had previously said that 200,000 Americans could die during the pandemic.


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