Coronavirus UK Update: Support and childcare bubbles, Meeting in larger groups

Coronavirus UK Updates: Matt Hancock to announce tier changes following review
Coronavirus UK Updates: Matt Hancock to announce tier changes following review

There is separate guidance for support bubbles and childcare bubbles across all tiers.

Support bubbles have been expanded. From December 2 you can form a support bubble with another household if you:

  • are the only adult in your household or are an under 18 year old living alone
  • live with someone with a disability who requires continuous care and there is no other adult living in the household
  • live with child under 1, or who was under 1 on December 2 2020
  • live with a child under 5, or who was under 5 on December 2 2020, with a disability

Meeting in larger groups

There are exceptions where people can continue to gather indoors or in private gardens, or in groups larger than six, in outdoor public places:

  • as part of a single household or support bubble
  • in a childcare bubble (for the purposes of childcare only)
  • for work, or providing voluntary or charitable services, including in other people’s homes (read guidance on working safely in other people’s homes )
  • for registered childcare, education or training – meaning education related to a formal curriculum or training that relates to work or obtaining work
  • for supervised activities provided for children and those who were under 18 on August 31 2020, including wraparound care (before and after-school childcare), children’s groups, activities for under-18s, and children’s playgroups


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