Coronavirus UK Update: death toll may be only 5,700

Coronavirus UK Update: death toll may be only 5,700
Coronavirus UK Update: death toll may be only 5,700

The total death toll from the coronavirus in the UK may be only 5,700, new research suggests.

Earlier estimates had suggested the toll could be as high as 250,000, and even lower ones placed it at around 20,000.

But the new analysis suggests it may reach no higher than 250 per day.

Professor Tom Pike of Imperial College London told The Times: ”Our work shows that social distancing is working against Covid-19 as an effective parachute across multiple countries.”

But he added: “That’s no reason for us to cut away our parachutes when we’re still way above the ground.”

There are now more people who have recovered from the coronavirus in South Korea than there are active cases, authorities have said.

There have so far been 9,478 recorded cases in the country, of whom 4,811 have now recovered.

More than most other countries, South Korea was able to slow the spread of the virus using social distancing, rigorous disinfection, and drive-thru testing centres.

Kwon Joon Wook, the deputy head of Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasure, said the success of the strategy was a “result of selfless efforts made by the public”.

He added that measures would remain in place until April 5, and that people “must not let complacency take place”.


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