Coronavirus UK Update: 432 killed in last 24 hours

Coronavirus UK Update: 432 killed in last 24 hours
Coronavirus UK Update: 432 killed in last 24 hours

THE CORONAVIRUS death rate in the UK has risen, with 432 fatalities overnight, as Prime Minister Boris Johnson remains in hospital under observation because of his “persistent” cough and high temperature due to coronavirus symptoms.

The numbers of those infected with coronavirus and the numbers of those that have died has risen again in the UK, according to the official figures just released. With 432 people dying overnight taking the mortality toll to 5,368.

– Parks will keep being closed as a last resort if people continue to break social distancing rules, it has been warned.

The outdoor spaces are recognised as a “lifeline” for many, but councils will be “reluctantly forced to close them” should measures be flouted by the public, the Local Government Association said.

The warning came after a senior minister urged councils not to shut parks unless it is “impossible” to maintain social distancing in them.

Housing and Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick said on Monday that he had called local leaders to warn them to be “very judicious” in locking open spaces.

One London authority closed a park over the weekend after reporting thousands of visitors flocking to it to enjoy the sunny, warm weather.


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