CCTV footage shows Grace Millane’s final date (Video)

CCTV footage shows Grace Millane's final date (Video)
CCTV footage shows Grace Millane's final date (Video)

The jury for the man accused of murdering Grace Millane has spent the day watching CCTV footage of the pair – and possibly the last moments of the British backpacker’s life.

The Crown claims Grace was strangled to death by the man she met on a Tinder date. The defence claims her death was an accident during consensual sex.

The man, 27, who has name suppression, denies a single charge of murder at his high court trial in Auckland. But he admits being with her and disposing of her body.

On Thursday, the trial at the High Court at Auckland continued with the jury being shown the full 30 minutes of CCTV footage of Millane’s final moments on December 1.

It shows them visiting a number of bars before going to the CityLife hotel together.


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