Bulldog named Big Poppa goes viral (Photo)

Bulldog named Big Poppa goes viral (Photo)
Bulldog named Big Poppa goes viral (Photo)

An English bulldog nicknamed “Big Poppa” has found internet fame after his owner posted a picture of him looking forlorn during the coronavirus lockdown.

Rashida Ellis owns 3-year-old, Pop, an English bulldog also known as Big Poppa.

Ellis posted a photo of Big Poppa looking sad on the patio during quarantine and the photo went viral.

“I would have never thought that Pop would be the face of quarantine,” Ellis laughed.

She woke up to 30,000 interactions on the photo.

Ellen DeGeneres even re-tweeted the photo saying, “Stay inside. Flatten the curve. Do it for Big Poppa.”

While most dogs are thrilled to have their owners stuck at home, Pop is used to going to work with Ellis every day and seeing a lot of people.

“We miss out friends and family,” Ellis says.

Even with Georgia re-opening on Friday, Ellis plans on keeping her and Pop inside and continuing their life in quarantine. They will go out for daily walks but Ellis says, “no petting.”


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