Bryan Harlan, trophy hunter pays $110K to kill rare mountain goat

Bryan Harlan, trophy hunter pays $110K to kill rare mountain goat
Bryan Harlan, trophy hunter pays $110K to kill rare mountain goat

A BIG game trophy hunter from Texas paid $110,000 to kill a rare mountain goat during a trip to Pakistan, sparking a furious online backlash.

Bryan Harlan paid the huge sum to hunt the Astore Markhor goat in the Himalayas. Sick pictures show him smiling as he poses next to his kill. And the trophy hunter even bragged that it was an “easy and close shot”.

Harlan told a local TV station: “It is an honour and privilege to be back in Pakistan.

“This is the third time I am in Pakistan. I have hunted almost all animals here. I saved the Markhors for the last.”

But Harlan’s hunt of the once-endangered animal prompted an angry reaction on social media.

One Twitter user said: “Bryan Kinsel Harlan. Find another way to feel like a man! This rare and beautiful creature was lying down when you killed it.”

Another wrote: “This is the kind of idiot who will pay a large sum of money to kill something that’s already close to extinction.”

A third said: “Why kill such a beautiful animal?”

One more added: “This Bryan Kinsel Harlan dude should be ashamed of himself. Hunting exotic animals is disgusting, paying to shoot them up close is even worse.”

In the last month, Harlan and two other Americans reportedly paid to hunt three rare goats in northern Pakistan.

Pakistani officials have claimed the hunts help save the goats from extinction by reducing poaching.

It comes after a 2011 report found there were only 2,500 left in the wild due to deforestation, military action and poaching.

In 2015, the US classified the goat species as “threatened” instead of “endangered” after an increase in numbers.

Local hunting of the animals is illegal but Pakistan allows foreign hunters to kill 12 male goats per year with a permit.

Eighty percent of the massive fee goes to local communities, while 20 percent goes to Pakistani wildlife agencies, according to authorities.



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