Boris Johnson tests negative for Covid-19

Coronavirus UK Updates: Boris Johnson warns of ‘new year national lockdown’
Coronavirus UK Updates: Boris Johnson warns of ‘new year national lockdown’

Boris Johnson has tested negative for coronavirus after taking a rapid Covid-19 test, the Prime Minister’s spokesperson has confirmed.

Johnson will continue to self-isolate at Number 10 despite not having the virus and claiming he was “bursting with antibodies”, after being told to do so by NHS Test and Trace.

The PM on Sunday announced he had been “pinged” by the app after holding a 35-minute meeting with Tory MP Lee Anderson, who has since tested positive for the virus.

The PM’s official spokesperson today said Johnson tested positive after receiving a lateral flow test, which has a turnaround time of around 15 minutes.

People without coronavirus symptoms not supposed to be eligible for coronavirus tests through the normal testing system.

However, the PM’s spokesperson today revealed that Johnson was able to get a lateral flow test because Downing Street is part of a mass testing pilot.

“In Number 10 we are taking part in a pilot where some staff have access to a lateral flow test if they wish to,” the spokesperson said.

Johnson will answer Prime Minister’s Questions remotely via Zoom tomorrow, Downing Street said. His period of isolation will end at midnight next Thursday, 26 November.

Johnson, who was admitted to intensive care with coronavirus seven months ago, has been updating the British public through videos from his flat in Downing Street.

Five other MPs are also self-isolating following the meeting with “Red Wall” Tories, including Chris Clarkson, Katherine Fletcher, Andy Carter, Lia Nici
and Brendan Clarke-Smith.


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