Arnold’s son recreates iconic pose

Arnold's son recreates iconic pose
Arnold's son recreates iconic pose

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son Joseph Baena is extremely close to him, and it shows. The two have a very public bond, often sharing social media posts with each other, and most recently Baena shared a photo of himself mimicking his father’s famous “Mr. Olympia” pose.

Baena shared the photo with the caption “Just a lil thicc.” For notes, Baena just needs a slightly more pronounced point of his right hand and more of a grimace on his face, but the resemblance is certainly there.

Even at 71, Schwarzenegger seems to be a more than competent workout buddy. In July, Baena shared a photo of the two outside of the famous Gold’s Gym.

Baena is definitely Schwarzenegger’s son, and he seems more than happy to let the world show it. If nothing else, he has his father’s work ethic when it comes to pumping iron. Maybe one day he will be screaming “Get to the choppa!” in his own feature film.