AirAsia flight debris and bodies located in opposite direction of destination

AirAsia flight debris and bodies located in opposite direction of destination
AirAsia flight debris and bodies located in opposite direction of destination

Items from the wreckage of the missing AirAsia flight QZ8501 were discovered by search and rescue teams about 66 miles from the plane’s last known location. Bodies were seen floating on the surface of the water, along with other items from the ill-fated flight. As of now the operation looks more like a recovery effort, but Tuesday morning news shows report that even though there’s very little hope of finding survivors, they have not ruled out that possibility as of yet.

It was reported earlier that as many as 40 bodies have been recovered, but the BBC News on Dec. 30 reports that only three bodies have been retrieved, not the 40 reported earlier today.

Indonesia officials have confirmed that the debris found are that of the Airbus A320-200 that was carrying 162 people when it disappeared from radar on Sunday. The search was in its third day when pieces of the plane and bodies were spotted floating on the surface of the water.

CNN News is reporting that the body of a woman has been recovered and that the turbulent sea has prevented the rescue crews from retrieving another body floating on the water. This news media outlet is reporting just two bodies, not three, or 40, as other news sites have reported this morning. “Fox and Friends” live on Tuesday morning reports the fuselage of the plane looks as if it could be largely intact as it is seen as a shadow under the water.

The plane’s wreckage and bodies were spotted in the Karimata Strait off the coast of Borneo. This is an area where the water is shallow, it is 160-feet deep at its deepest point, according to The New York Times this morning. A shadow has been detected underwater and it is thought to be the aircraft.

The debris and bodies were spotted about 66 miles southeast of the last detected position of the plane. It appears the jet had changed course during its final moments in the air. The location of the plane vs. its last known location indicates that the plane was going in the opposite direction of its destination. The plane should have been headed northeast to get to its scheduled destination.

MSN News reports this morning that “low-cost carrier vanished Sunday halfway through a two-hour flight between Surabaya, Indonesia and Singapore after encountering storm clouds.” The bodies recovered were not wearing life vests. Search and rescue teams spotted an exit door floating in the waves that is believed to have come from the plane. They also report seeing life rafts, life vests, suitcases and other items floating in the water along with the bodies reported.

The investigation is in its very early stages and authorities are hoping by locating the black box of the AirAsia flight, this will shed more light on just what happened in the last minutes of the ill-fated flight. The Times of India reports today that the missing plane, which carried 162 souls on board, is now laying at the bottom of the Java Sea.


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