The battle of weight loss is won or lost at night

The battle of weight loss is won or lost at night
The battle of weight loss is won or lost at night

It’s not about how you start the day, it is how you finish it! If I could only give one tip when it comes to weight loss, the tip would be as follows… The battle of losing weight is won or lost at night. So many people start the day out great, get a great workout in and eat clean all day, but once that sun goes down, so does their will power and discipline! As we get closer to bed time, obviously we are getting more tired, but not many people know that our hormones are changing too. Our bodies are designed for action when there is light, and designed for rest when it gets dark.

Unfortunately, most families have the custom of eating a BIG dinner and desert together almost every night. A big dinner plus desert after a greatly disciplined day equals disaster for results and fat burning. It doesn’t matter how hard you worked out or how clean you ate all day, if your blood sugar levels are going up after dinner while asleep, you will loose absolutely no weight. The secret to weight loss is keeping a high metabolism and low blood sugar level. You need your blood sugar to go up some during the day, especially before a workout, but you want that blood sugar to come down after the workout and stay down until breakfast of the next day. Bonus Tip* Walking 30-45 min before breakfast is a great way to burn fat tons of calories from FAT every day!

With the sun going down and our hormones getting us ready for sleep, our self discipline and will power also comes down too. Couple that with a low blood sugar level, and you are bound to crave sweets at night like most of us do. This is the battle I am talking about! If you give in and over eat for dinner and or desert, you will ruin everything you worked hard for all day. On the other hand, if you remind yourself that THE REAL BATTLE IS AT NIGHT, than you will be more prepared to turn down anything (especially sweets) that will mess up all of your hard work! Bonus Tip* Change desert time from after dinner to after lunch or before a workout. Give yourself enough time to burn that sugar and bring the levels low by bedtime! When the sun goes down your guard better come up!

Things to remember:

  1. To burn stored fat you need your blood sugar level low and metabolism up!
  2. You will burn the most fat while you sleep, if your blood sugar levels remain low.
  3. Working out intensely burns mostly calories from carbs, BUT, in return your metabolism will remain higher long term. You burn stored fat doing low intensity activities while blood sugar levels are low like walking or resting!
  4. Working out intensely on low blood sugar levels is dangerous, so focus on keeping blood sugar down after workouts and while asleep.
  5. THE BATTLE IS AT NIGHT! Tell yourself when the sun goes down that now is the most important time to be discipline. It is very easy to start the day on the right foot but very difficult to finish. Tell yourself that your results live or die with how discipline you can remain until breakfast.
  6. For boosted fat burn-age, go walking for 30-45 min before eating anything for breakfast!


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