Why This Exercise Program is Important for CFS Patients?

Why This Exercise Program is Important for CFS Patients?
Why This Exercise Program is Important for CFS Patients?

Chronic fatigue syndrome affects thousands of people. They feel extreme tiredness that is not the result of lack of rest or any other medical condition. While the exact causes are unknown some doctors feel this condition is an onset of aging, previous medical conditions, stress, and genetic factors. This condition is common in women between the ages of 30 and 50. While there is no cure for chronic fatigue syndrome, exercise has been shown to help a person feel more alert and have more energy.

Start with Graded Exercise

Graded exercise will allow a person with chronic fatigue syndrome to start with small step to gain more energy. A full on energy program may be too tiring for them at first. In order to start this program a person will work with their physician to find an exercise program they will be able to perform. Many of these exercises can be low impact. It is important to do these exercise everyday even when a person is not feeling up to it. Once the body gets used to these exercises the amount of time spend doing them should be increased. As a person exercises a medical professional will monitor their progress to make sure these exercises are effective. To start a person starting, walking or swimming for as little as a five minute time period. They do this physical activity every day for a two week period. At the end of the two weeks they add another five minutes onto their exercise program so they are exercising ten minutes every other day. This is a good way to get the body prepared for increase physical activity without exerting too much energy.

Importance of Exercise Program

People that suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome have days where they feel alert and days where they feel too exhausted to even get out of bed. On the good days a person may choose to add a couple of minutes to their exercise program. This is not advised. Overexertion can actually cause the symptoms of this condition to flare up. This may cause a loss of desire to exercise at all. If exercise is avoided the body will grow weaker. Starting a carefully controlled exercise program will allow a person to regain some control back over their life. In combination with other good habits such as the proper sleep schedule a person may have more energy to complete their daily activities.

How to Start an Exercise Program?

When working out an exercise program it is important to work with a health care professional. This will allow a person to find the right exercises that are right for them and their physical condition. Once the exercises are developed a person has to have a positive outlook. They need to put aside any worries or doubt they have about exercising. They can and will be able to do this program. It is important to take small steps. A vigorous exercise program can cause a person to feel tired and become warn out. Starting with just a couple minutes a day will help the body adjust and help a person feel better. If a person pushes themselves too hard they can become tired too easily. Start out with gentle exercises including stretching to get the body used to this new movement.

Once the body has adjusted to the new exercises they can increase the time they spend exercising and the increase the intensity of the physical movements that are involved in the exercise program. Before changing the routine it is important to consult a health care professional.

Exercise and More

In addition to exercising, a person should make sure they get plenty of rest each night. When a person sleeps their body gets recharged and the muscles will adapt to the new physical movement. A healthy diet is important as well.

Chronic fatigue syndrome can greatly affect a person’s life. They will not have the energy needed to complete even the simplest of daily activities. Starting a controlled exercise program can help a person regain energy and decrease the symptoms of this condition. An exercise program will help a person increase their enjoyment and quality of life.


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