Top 3 causes of death in the United States, what you can do about it

Top 3 causes of death in the United States, what you can do about it
Top 3 causes of death in the United States, what you can do about it

The toxic scale. The traditional health care system and the way people eat and take care of themselves are the leading causes of the conditions that lead to the Top 3 causes of death. When you watch closely what you are eating, where it comes from and how it is cooked, and how clean your body systems sue to your bloods health is, you’ve completely rubbed out two of the leading causes. You avoid the third cause of death-tied at the number two position by taking extreme good care of yourself and valuing your health.

Extreme? It is considered extreme only because a majority of the population has no concern for their toxin-level by eating devalued food and chemicals, and make excuses for the lack of daily activity in their life. While activity is important, it’s secondary to the fact that your diet should be numero uno on your list of priorities. Did you know that starting in 2009 Medicare will not cover what they consider to be “preventable conditions,” according to the Center for Medicare and Medicare Sevices CMS?

The Top 3 causes of death in America:

1. Cancer

2. Cardiovascular Disease and Hospitalization and incorrectly prescribed medications.

President Nixon declared the war on cancer in the sixties

Since then not much has been done in the name of progress, people are still burned by deadly radiation and are made deathly ill by chemotherapy, but is big business for the medical community. Does this same medical community who is cloning people and sheep, and implanting stem cells expect the public to believe in 70 years this is all the further cancer care and treatment has come? It’s a death sentence.

Prior to 1960 cancer was nowhere near prevalent as it is today because the lifestyle of the average American has changed dramatically since then

What if you knew you could avoid the costly and discriminatory health care system, for lack of a better name, by making yourself knowledgeable of health, building your immune system, and cancer prevention which are safe and non-toxic, and cost pennies? It’s easier and cheaper than what you will put yourself and your children through by pretending to not care, or not taking the time to practice holistic health. Reading this column and integrating the health into your own life and your family’s life takes a few minutes, reading and doing it.

The 3 leading factors of developing cancer are:

1.A constitutional weakness. Your immune system if your body’s defense system period.

2.Emotional trauma. Your nervous condition, pulling the plug on stress and how you perceive your life is of vital importance.

3.Toxic stress. Harmful chemicals, pathogens, parasites, bacteria, etc.

The health care system is aligned to treat emergency situations, not preventive care

You are asking people in charge of making money to care about your health. What pharmaceutical companies see is how to make money, they are not looking at you as an individual and the side affects you may suffer with. The doctors are overworked and people are waiting in line around the corner to get in to see them. You come in begging to be healed, and they are schooled in treatment not prevention, and in that line of thinking comes their answer for your pleas, the little prescription pad. That small pad of paper determines what your life will be like from that moment on, the doctor has the power and you just gave it to him or her because of your poor preventative care of your mind body and soul. That piece of paper gives a long list of people access to giving you pills that may be misread and under or overprescribed to you. The average time spent with a patient before writing a prescription is 1.5-2 minutes by a doctor.

A majority of the people in hospitals die from the secondary infections they incur while in the hospital and not the original condition they went in for

Cheap, heartless and to the big business of health’s benefit. You are being monitored, pilled and pushed around in the most sophisticated ways to make them money. The scare factor plays a role in your health and how you heal, and you are scared to death to find you have you have a limited number of ways to be healed by the medical community, and they are invasive and will put you in debt unless your last name is Trump or Winfrey.

Hospital acquired infection

You go in to get better and to get well and get sick with a hospital-acquired infection. According to, “more patients die from these infections than they do car accidents, HIV and breast cancer combined. Statistics show that between 4.5-20 days of hospital stay you will acquire an extra infection that will cost you six times more than what you came to the hospital for. It’s shocking but true. All human beings from new born to the elderly are at risk of catching one within 48 hours of arrival, and of one showing up within 30 days after you leave the hospital. Hospital infections are not caused by bad luck. It’s poor regiments infection prevention procedures, from basic hand-washing to proper sterilization of equipment, to cleanliness of the room and bathroom and bedsheets.”

  • Only 38% of hospitals follow guidelines for avoiding aspiration and ventilator-associated pneumonia, and 34% for central venous catheter-related bloodstream infection, and 32% for surgical site infection.

Did you know Medicare will not pay for hospital mistakes or secondary infections? This doesn’t mean the hospital personnel, including doctors will make less mistakes. The conditions they will no longer cover include: mediastinitis after coronary artery bypass graft CANG surgery, bed sores, air embolism, falls, leaving objects inside the patient during surgery, vascular catheter-associated infections, and certain catheter-associated urinary tract infections.

First and foremost your health, body mind and soul, is in your hands and it’s your responsibility to do all that you can to keep it that way.


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