Romantic relationships can help neurotic people

Romantic relationships can help neurotic people
Romantic relationships can help neurotic people

A great natural remedy for neurotic people appears to be a romantic relationship. Psychologists have explained how a romantic relationship may help neurotic people reported Friedrich Schiller University Jena. Many spring romances dissolve relatively quickly and the world often does not appear as rosy anymore. However, love and romance may have long lasting positive effects.

It has been discovered by psychologists of the German Universities of Jena and Kassel that a romantic relationship may have a positive effect on personality development in young adults. These psychologists focused on neuroticism. This is considered one of the five characteristics inherent in the basic dimensions of human personality which can be used to characterize every person.

Neurotic people are generally anxious, insecure, and get annoyed easily. These people are often dissatisfied with their lives and have low self-esteem and a tendency towards depression. The psychologists showed neurotic people become more stable when they are in a love relationship and that their personality actually stabilizes.

The researchers report on this finding in the online edition of the Journal of Personality. They found that having a romantic relationship represents one significant life experience in young adulthood which has been shown to bring on age associated decrease in neuroticism. The researchers feel that love helps us to tackle life with more confidence instead of simply dealing with things pessimistically.

It is the position of the researchers that a romantic relationship can also have positive effects for people who suffer from depression or anxiety disorders. Essentially this study shows us that negative thinking can be unlearned with the help of romance. Certainly the suggestion that leaving yourself open for some romance may actually help with your emotional well being is an exciting prospect.


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