Processed foods: Are they all bad for us? Tips on eating clean

Processed foods: Are they all bad for us? Tips on eating clean
Processed foods: Are they all bad for us? Tips on eating clean

Are all processed foods bad for me?

Milk is pasteurized and instant oatmeal is processed. Does that mean we should stay away from them? No. Always shop for organic, that will help. In addition, milk and instant oatmeal are not categorized in the same group of foods such as packaged cakes, doughnuts, cookies, diet drinks and so on.
“Ultra-processed” foods are foods that are heat and eat and food “like” products such as Velveeta cheese. These are foods that our bodies will be happy we stay away from consuming.

What are some health benefits of eating clean?

Research has shown us that clean eating (eating whole, un-processed foods such as fruits and veggies) can prevent diseases and harmful conditions. Diabetes (type 2) and high blood pressure are just two examples of what can be prevented by eating clean.
Clean eating can also help to improve skin as well as our hair and nails. It is a healthy way to control our weight too!

Need some examples of what to eat? Here is a quick, yet thorough list of foods that make for good eating:
Un-processed foods:
Fresh fruits and vegetables
Dried beans
Organic / cage free eggs

Mildly processed foods:
Frozen fruits and vegetables
Organic (hormone-free) dairy products
Whole grain bread and pasta, brown rice, popcorn, steel-cut oatmeal, quinoa (Unrefined grains)
Un-processed meat; wild, however, pastured over grain-fed meats
Wild caught seafood over farm raised

Good advice is to choose organic foods when they are available. Olive oil is a fantastic oil to use in cooking and in salad dressings. You can bake with Extra Virgin Olive oil as well, though it makes for denser baked goods.
The key is to choose foods that are free of chemicals and hormones. This is a good definition of what clean eating truly is.


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