Improve your performance in every area of your life

Improve your performance in every area of your life
Improve your performance in every area of your life

We often think of peak performance as something for athletes or those in high-powered careers. But a new online symposium that starts this week can help you use emotional freedom techniques (EFT) and other methods to achieve peak performance in all major areas of your life — sports, work, money, health, spirituality and love.

During the Peak Performance Symposium, which runs July 9-18, you can listen to acclaimed researchers, authors, athletes and experts who reveal the latest scientific findings about peak performance.

“Typically we’re strong in some life areas and weak in others,” says Dawson Church, Ph.D., host of the symposium. Dr. Church is chief executive officer of EFT Universe and author of “The EFT Manual.” “For instance, a person might have a happy marriage but be a financial failure. Or be vibrantly healthy but have a lifelong struggle with right livelihood and life purpose. We’re not all strong, or weak in the same areas. During the symposium, we want to help people strengthening the areas in their lives in which they’re weak and optimize the areas in which they are already strong.”

Dr. Church explains that he became interested in peak performance years ago.

“The popular myth back in the 1960s was that we only use 10 percent of our brains,” Dr. Church says. “This led to the question of what we might accomplish if we harnessed the other 90 percent. That’s not literally true, but it IS true that we develop ‘set points’ that govern our behavior. I’ve been fascinated by these questions since I was a teenager. I’ve found that people can be trained to perform far above their current set point levels.”

Some of the speakers who are participating in the event include: Dean Ornish, MD, Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., John Gray, Ph.D., Malcolm Gladwell, Joe Dispenza, Jack Canfield, Donna Eden, David Feinstein, Ph.D., and many others. Here are some of the topics they will cover: What’s Your Healthy Life-Span?;
 On Anti-Aging; Being Happy, and Wildly Wealthy!
; Turning Your Inner Critic Into an Inner Coach;
 Navigating High Stress Successfully
; How Insomnia Led to a $300 Million Business
; Extreme Self-Care
; The Soulmate Secret
; Happy for No Reason
 and more.

Dr. Church tells us that there is a common denominator related to peak performance in all areas of life.

“Stress affects everything,” he explains. “Stress affects thousands of molecules, such as cortisol and other hormones and neurotransmitters. EFT is great at stress reduction. But you also need other skills like mindfulness and meditation to help you with daily life balance. The Symposium offers listeners an experience of a variety of these. Our goal is to help listeners develop a program that fits with their unique lifestyle.”


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