Good will hunting in metaphysical grounding

Good will hunting in metaphysical grounding
Good will hunting in metaphysical grounding

It might have been one little puddle or one drop of splash but to someone else is was pure radiant intoxication. Where it’s at. It was dopamine that electric glittering sparkle of hummingbird soul. Sugary highest vibration transcending manmade chocolate, it was pure soul and something in the way it moved.

It’s the breathing through your pores and the colorations of aura that vibrate and slide over into different hues. Its marmalade honey jones its better than smells of candy. It’s moist of dirts and mosses but with that New Orleans spiritual black light. Like a volcano and splices of dimensions coded interludes emanating that avalanche of impressionistic sensory homages of antiquated microphages for generations to come.

It’s impossible to manufacture and you can’t get it from a hotline or paid service. Its category is fantasmical its chastefully tang. Its boss its buff its copesthetic. It’s similar to a melted butterscotch lifesaver with ripples of Vitamin C hosted by Grace. It’s a cosmic belly giggle, it’s a solid righteous float that was spanking my mellow. Its good will, moral order and duty.

It’s beyond human slave to the passions. A good will is intrinsically good and independent of outside relationships. Because our consciousness is better suited to self-development and the practice of good will than in our own outer desires and happiness. Your morally right action come from your sense of duty to yourself and others, and being so makes it easy to overcome any selfishness or self-interest motives. It is in reverence we act out our moral obligation to universal law. Moral law is universal it can be applied to everyone and every experience.

A person should not act except to will that it come about. Metaphysical grounding in human essence should be our daily priority. How do we get there? How are we to know that the materialist view of the world would fail and indicate the need for grounding? I think as you become aware and wish to raise yourself above the din out of suffering it is the only logical thing to do. The same should also be said of our thinking and speaking it should not be done except to will that it come about. There are folks who act and think maliciously and with that intent as their end desire. It is something to practice and keep in mind and be mindful of as you go about your day.

Using earthing and grounding, it is prayer or intention before experience. You are grounding yourself in higher vibration of God Energy or universal energy or higher self-energy. You are setting the tone for the experience you are about to become. You are drawing on manna the kind of electrical/spiritual nutrition that is. It is the stuff from which everything is made of. It is this physiological, metaphysical grounding that is lacking so much in today’s world but many are becoming accustomed to once again. They are remembering.

The disconnect is like a painful empty wearing and tearing to the lining of our emotional bodies and the empirical energy of the divine. It is great promise that is blocked from the flow. It is great, it is better than the feeling of denying connection is. It is easier to manifest a meaningful connection by envisioning it first. “Seeing” your loving will radiating out and bringing down that “nutrition” intention, unconditional love right into the world. It is our ancestry from which culture seems to suffer a loss of. The flow is blocked. People don’t remember. People think it doesn’t exist, or they are not allowed to think and feel like that, or that it is bad or evil to think like that. There are those who are naturally negative, naturally hating, or just plain sitting on the fence and not sure who or what to believe.

We have free alternative and complimentary healing, love, devotion, that we have access to whether we access it or not. Once you are in the know there is not turning back on our duty to each other and to Mother Nature.

How do you know metaphysical grounding? Sacred complexities and simple facts exist and it is necessary of something pious. There is skepticism about grounding and centering and not everyone believes there is room in the religious toolbox for it. Times they are changing, and people are up to playing the roles they have had assigned to them through the call.


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