Find a vaccine-injured parent and talk to them for yourself

Find a vaccine-injured parent and talk to them for yourself
Find a vaccine-injured parent and talk to them for yourself

There are plenty of them out there. The community that makes these vaccinations will play on your mothering guilt, and shame you to pressure you into vaccinations. So will the school system. This is not abortion where your decision is all black or all white. It is not one where people can use the pro-life or pro-choice argument but the choice is every bit as important. What this is, is a pharmaceutical industry that will not help you if your child gets vaccine-injured and your child may not recover from the resulting injury by brain damage or death. You cannot replace a child or the quality of life your child was born with.

A new parent, any parent is overwhelmed with information and public opinion. I didn’t want to immunize my children but school said if you want them to go here or to any school for their education you better. If I only knew what I know now. I ended up homeschooling my children anyway and none of that scrutiny made any difference. If you think people are mean over not vaccinating your child try to be the first few mothers of a school district to homeschool your children.

My middle child had a reaction but she recovered from it. I will never forget her screams and cries. I told my doctor but he replied it was from the shot. From a shot given two weeks ago! I could tell the change in her behavior. He told me to go home and giver her Tylenol. I said that’s it, don’t you have a test or something you can do. Don’t you want to look at her or further diagnose. Nothing. She was six months old then. I worried and watched her every single minute of the day for any signs of change. When my third child was born I put off the vaccinations a long time. I was scared and what about but the public, the news and family have a way of pressuring you.

This time the doctor gave me a shot record and recorded the first one or two. The rest of her vaccinations did not get recorded. I think he feared what happened with my middle child and would I sue? What if it happened again and was worse? If I had a shot record, it would be a documentation of when she received the shots. I asked if his office could look at the bills, everything was traceable there, dates and days . Funny, there was no trace of her ever receiving a vaccination or of us paying for it each time. Insurance was always used so there had to be a paper trail and a few were paid for in cash. It wasn’t funny it scared the hell out of me.

An over sight? Why didn’t I think to ask for it. I had my hands full with three children in a doctor’s office. I was doing good to get a shower for myself on days we had to leave the house. The doctor looked at me and asked me why I didn’t have the dates written down, as if it was my fault. He has to sign off on it officially. Why was there no paper trail in his office or on her file where he writes it down?

If I knew what I know now. I would have put my foot down and not vaccinated any of my children. I would have stuck by my original decision to not have them vaccinated. I would know that there is more than one way to skin a cat or to get something done for your child as a parent who loves them whole-heartedly. That goes for illnesses, vaccinations, education and their extracurricular activities and other parents and other kids and what they have to say.

It is not easy being a parent. It can be a scary place all alone with your newborn and no good back up and support. Everyone’s advice is different and they all have one, an opinion. What is important is that you are the one who knows your child best if you are spending quality time with them. You will learn to be calm and not over react to colds, fevers, flu, and broken arms. But just like anything else in life, you already know your game plan and what you want for your children before you even have them. Don’t let anybody tell you differently. Unvaccinated children are happy and healthy and many childhood illnesses will go right by them and not even touch them. I try to keep you informed here and it is not so easy to read reports about the deaths and injuries of children that a whole community of well educated people we are supposed to trust find ways to avoid what is happening.

Any one child’s death would make any drug/vaccination would worth researching intensely. If a child dies in the home it is the parent who will be blamed and scrutinized first. Your other children will be removed from your home and taken away for weeks until the investigation comes up that it was no one’s fault. The manufacturers of the vaccination, the CDC, the JCVI will not come to court with you or admit guilt. Your child is injured permanently or has died. Parents are not paid for their suffering, bills and receive a small compensation. Not all vaccination damage is visibly noticeable. What people will do for money amazes me every day.

The pro-vaccinators can shout louder all they want to. The power is in your hands as a parent. Your child is not a choice but a living, breathing, embodiment of health and bliss. Do your best to keep it that way.


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