Features About Detoxify Feet Baths – How You Can Clean the Body?

Features About Detoxify Feet Baths - How You Can Clean the Body?
Features About Detoxify Feet Baths - How You Can Clean the Body?

Even though there is not any scientific research to support people’s claims that they feel refreshed and rejuvenated after a detoxifying foot bath, it is still an extremely popular way to clean your body. The natural procedure helps to relax you, while clearing out harmful toxins that can build up over time. It is safe for almost anyone, and since it only uses natural ingredients in the water there is not any danger of harmful side effects. Best of all, a detox foot bath is extremely easy for you to do at home.

A detox foot bath is easy to use, and a pain free method that will remove harmful toxins and cleanse the body. Though it should be noted that women go for colon cleanse during pregnancy or had an organ transplant or is wearing a pacemaker should not use a detoxifying foot bath. The method uses positive and negatives ions that pass through the salt water filled bowl that encourage the toxins to leave your body through the pores in the skin on the bottom of your feet. Most foot baths last for thirty minutes, and the water will change color as your body is cleansed. The ions, or electrical current is thought to stimulate cells in your body, which is what causes the toxins to be expelled.

Benefits of Detoxify Feet Baths

There are several benefits associated with the cleansing foot baths that include removing the harmful toxins from your body. Most people report feeling healthier and having more energy after soaking their feet for a half an hour. Some of the other benefits can include-

  1. It can improve the immune system since it does not have to fight off the harmful toxins.
  2. Can shorten your recovery time from certain injuries or surgery, since the cells are stimulated during the foot bath.
  3. Arthritis suffers can see and feel improvement in their joints along with reduced pain and stiffness.
  4. Some people report an improvement in their sleeping patterns.
  5. Blood clots can be reduced or removed completely, improving circulation and heart health.
  6. Eliminating the heavy metals and toxins can improve your both your kidney and liver functions.

Understanding the Changing Water Color

As your feet are soaking in the salt bath you might notice the water changing color, this occurs as the toxins are leaving your body. Different ones will cause the color to change, and also let you know that the detoxifying foot bath is cleaning your body. As you continue to use the foot bath you will also notice that the color won’t change as dramatically. This is due to the fact that there are not as many toxins in your body. Some of the colors that you might see include,

  • Blackish specks indicate heavy metals, while black water shows that your liver is being cleansed.
  • Red dots in the water are the blood clots being removed.
  • Arthritis suffers will often see orange color water which means that the treatment is working on their joints.
  • A dark green color is indicative of the gall bladder, and if it is a yellowish green that means that the foot bath is cleansing your kidneys and urinary tract.
  • Blue tinted water is important for women’s health, since it shows that yeast is being removed from her body.
  • When the lymph nodes are cleansed you will notice a white foamy mixture in the salt water.


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