Eliminating lower back pain through exercise

Eliminating lower back pain through exercise
Eliminating lower back pain through exercise

Many people are dealing with low back today including men and women of all ages. However, men are dealing with low back pain far more frequently than women, but this education and information on how to deal with low back should help you. The back is a very complex muscular system that is comprised of many different sections of muscles that integrate together such as the rear Posterior Deltoids which are a part of the outer part of the shoulders and the Rhomboids which lay in the middle of the back, the Latissimus Dorsi which lays on the side of the back and lastly the low back which is known as the Erector Spinae muscle.

The muscles that make up the low back are the hamstrings (Biceps Femoris) which integrate into the glutes (Buttocks) and finally extending in to the lower back (Erector Spinae) muscle. Men have the most difficulty with low back pain but many women do as well. The simple answer is tight hamstrings and glutes, along with weakness in the hamstrings and glutes. The other key component to low back pain is weak core abdominals or over excessive adipose tissue, or body fat, in the abdominal area. This puts a strain on the low back as well, and losing some weight with a good exercise program could be crucial in reaching this goal.

There are many easy exercises and stretches that can help one with low back pain which are simple and one can do on his/her own.

Suggested Exercises and Stretches: Ball Squats, Lying Leg Curls, Lunges, Stiffed Legged Dead Lifts, Good Mornings and the Roman Chair Extension, along with sore stability & strength along with stretches on the lower extremities such as a hurdler stretch and rolling the hamstring on the foam roller or having a partner roll the foam roller over the hamstrings and Yoga Poses are always a plus as well.

Remember to stay active on these goals of reducing your low back pain with stay with these exercises and be consistent. You can simply find most of these exercises on the internet for viewing on how to complete them.


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