Dr. Richard Schulze Disease is not a natural condition healing is

Dr. Richard Schulze Disease is not a natural condition healing is
Dr. Richard Schulze Disease is not a natural condition healing is

“I healed all of the rejects. Patients that were told they will be dead in a short time were crawling through my door. If you came here today to hear a scientist or surgeon then you have come to the wrong place. If you want to relearn the way to heal and your divine gifts through which to do it you have come to the right place,” boasts Dr. Richard Schulze.

“My first experience with physical mortality was my own fathers heart attack, he died in my arms. At the age of 14 my mother died and I lived on the streets. Thank God I live in America and there are some good foods in those dumpsters. Then I became sick and ended up at the doctors who told me I needed open heart surgery for my deformed heart or you will be dead by the age of 20. I asked him about prayer, and he said no way. I said what about health foods, the doctor said no. I said what about my aunt who knew how to use herbs. The doctor said no, listen the only way you will live is to have open heart surgery right away. I had pain all day I knew something was wrong, I had to do something. I was checked into the hospital.”

“My roommate Bob and another were the same age as me and they also had heart trouble. Bob was scheduled to get his surgery before me. He died on the table. I cried and I ran to the closet and got dressed and ran out of there. I talked to everyone I know and I began eating differently and it changed me. My beliefs in how to take care of the body changed my life. I felt differently after three years. I felt I was well. I went back to the doctor and I told him I was better. He took the pictures, x-rays of my body again and he came back and was pale. He said the deformity was gone! I had a new heart.”

The doctor didn’t think Schulze would still be alive. The stress tests and cardiogram and MRI were all done on him. The doctor claimed it was a miracle. “I had work to do and I did it. I drank carrot juice and ate vegie burgers and took long walks. If you have a bad heart and hate if your mind then you had better learn how to love. You better learn how to love and what it means to love because your heart is bad for a reason. There are emotions that will kill you and there are emotions that will help you to live a healthier life.”

“There are patients who come to me and say’I don’t know who I am anymore.’ And I say back to them good because you were cancer or Parkinson’s Disease, and you are not that any more.”

Schulze decided to go to naturopathic school. He had burned his hand, fourth degree burns. He was able to heal himself and grow back the skin without the skin graft the doctor said he would need or die of infection. Schulze told the doctor you cannot believe what you can do with the right nutrition, vitamins, herbs and exercise. He then almost tore his leg off and the same thing happened to him again. The doctor said he would need to have surgery or never walk again while he stood there holding his leg up dangling from a few pieces of skin. He was all ready to do the surgery when the doctors told him they would be using tendons from old cadavers to sew his leg back up with. He jumped up off of the table and told the doctor he would find what he needed and heal himself again. Richard did and he walks as if nothing was ever wrong with him.

What was left out the doctors neglected to tell him about. He was left out. Diagnosis you must have surgery to correct your injury, and prognosis you will be dead if you do not get surgery. The average bear does not take responsibility for their own health. They do what they are told by their doctors. The healing potential of the mind body spirit has infinite possibilities. The body is capable of healing itself but people and doctors do not give it the time it needs. Everybody wants a quick fix or to be able to push the “easy” button. Becoming aware of your own health and read and listen to authors and doctors and going to seminars or watching them online is the best and cheapest thing you can do for your health that will help you to live a long healthy life. The medical community is to treat emergencies, and they help people with other treatments but every diagnosis doesn’t lead to surgery or chemotherapy.

A second opinion needs to be done by another doctor not in the same group as the last one. Not everyone can afford that. Eating right, exercising and learning to use some herbs in your diet to the best of your knowledge is the best way to go. Dr. Richard Schulze’s book, There Are No Incurable Diseases, for more information.

Your immune system is listening to you and taking your word for it. Tomorrow is what you believe in today. The reason people are getting well with Dr. Richard Schulze is because of his passion for health. His passion for healing is inspiring. It is the fire under them to get better and moving in a healthy direction. Stop doing what you are doing that is unhealthy for your body and your mind.


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