Clean eating and GMO’s: what are they and how do they effect my health?

Clean eating and GMO's: what are they and how do they effect my health?
Clean eating and GMO's: what are they and how do they effect my health?

Clean eating. What exactly is it?

Clean eating is: eating whole/real food. Food that is not processed, minimally processed or refined. Food that is as close to its natural form as possible.

What Are Processed Foods?

Additions: salt, sugar, and fat, preservatives that keep food from spoiling, and vitamins to “enrich”…from beverages to cereal. Changing the form of natural food: which generally happens when food is cooked. Foods manufactured in a lab: any ingredient you cannot pronounce!

Processed foods include everything from canned meat and jarred pasta sauce to boxed cereal and Pop Tarts!

What is a GMO and are they bad for me? How do GMO’s tie into clean eating?

GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms. The easiest way to explain it is: Farmers inject plants with chemicals that modify their genetics (GMO’s). The foods that we buy that are not labeled as non-GMO have been known to cause cancer, infertility and many additional health problems. These GMO’s that are consumed actually stay in our bodies as well as in the bodies of our children!

I encourage you to research this for yourself; don’t simply take my word on it.

How does this apply to clean eating?

Processed foods are stripped of important nutrients that our bodies need to obtain optimal health. They also contain additives that overstimulate our bodies. This is how the constant craving for “junk” food is created.
We should not be adding extra chemicals to our bodies for best possible health, whether it be through processed foods or foods that contain GMO’s.

What is the bottom line?

Choose “live” foods! Choose to consume foods that are labeled as Non-GMO. If you choose to do this, you will easily live a clean eating lifestyle.


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