Brain benefits can be gained if you just get moving

Brain benefits can be gained if you just get moving
Brain benefits can be gained if you just get moving

While psychiatric drugs and other psychiatric interventions consistently cause harm to the human brain, as reported on by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, there are natural interventions such as good nutrition, fresh air, sunshine, meditation, music and exercise which are good for the brain. The University of Montreal reported that to reap the brain benefits of physical activity you should just get moving. This realization raises serious questions about the repetitive comment by psychiatrists that well what else could they do when confronted with complaints about their chronically destructive interventions.

It is well known that exercise makes you feel more mentally alert at any time in your life. Research has shown there is no specific program which is important for this benefit. What’s important is to just get moving. Researchers affiliated with the University of Montreal found that there was improvement in cognitive performance associated with various types of exercise. What this means is that to improve your cognitive health you can simply begin by doing any type of activity which you enjoy.

The researchers said this study targeted executive functions. These are the functions which allow us to continue reacting in effective manners to a changing environment. Executive functions are used to plan, organize, develop strategies, pay attention to and to remember details, while also managing time and space. It had previously been believed that only aerobic exercise could improve executive functions. Now research has shown strength training may also lead to positive results. The new research findings suggest that structured activities that aim to improve gross motor skills may also improve executive functions.

This study has been published in the journal AGE. The researchers found that combined high intensity aerobic exercise and strength training versus gross motor activities leads to equivalent improvement in executive functions in healthy older adults. It is compelling that different exercise programs which target physical fitness and/or gross motor skills may actually lead to equivalent improvement in cognition in healthy older adults. It’s therefore logical to assume that your brain will benefit if you just getting moving.


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