Black pepper anti-inflammatory and antibacterial medicinal gold

Black pepper anti-inflammatory and antibacterial medicinal gold
Black pepper anti-inflammatory and antibacterial medicinal gold

So why was grandpa told not to snuff his food out lots of pepper? The perennial Piper nigrum is a flowering vine that bears the peppercorns that when the single seed is dried and ground becomes the spice known as black pepper. Mind you if you took a bobby pin and placed in an a couple ounces of soda pop overnight, well you know the story. If you placed a bobby pin in some water doused with black pepper overnight undoubtedly the same thing is not going to happen.

Black pepper is rich in iron, vitamin K, manganese and fiber Black peppercorns come from the whole partially ripened fruit. The white peppercorns come from the peeled seed and the green peppercorn is the unripe fruit of it all. The word ‘pepper’ was known to mean energy or spirit in the sixteenth century.

The essential oil is known in Ayurveda disciplines for massage oil Long pepper used to be the ‘go to’ medicine from the fifth century on. Piperine the phytochemical that causes sneezing is under research now for its medicinal purposes. Black Pepper contains compound that help to maintain the integrity of DNA which is being researched further for its protection from cancer.

Pepper promotes detoxification, essential oils promote clean receptor sites-oils strengthen the immune system by only killing the bad bacteria, by promoting sweating and urination and the outer peppercorn promotes the breakdown of fat cells. Essential oils are multi-dimensional in their functions with homeostatic intentions to restore. As body conditions change oils adapt.

Nutrition One tablespoon contains 10-percent of the recommended iron, 13-percent of vitamin K and 18-percent of the recommended manganese, including fiber. Pepper also helps to calm digestive problems and helps to signal the stomach to produce more hydrochloric acid, aiding in protein digestion, gas, diarrhea and constipation. The natural molecules of the plant black pepper are easily metabolized by the body.


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