Babies are often exposed to potentially harmful parabens

Babies are often exposed to potentially harmful parabens
Babies are often exposed to potentially harmful parabens

There are great concerns about the exposure of babies to potentially harmful chemicals in personal care products. Personal care products are a possible source of potentially harmful parabens for babies, reported the American Chemical Society. Researchers have reported that infants and toddlers are likely becoming exposed to potentially harmful parabens through lotions, shampoos and other personal care products (PCPs).

Parabens are used in a wide range of products, from medical devices to children’s toys, and PCPs. Parabens
are used as preservatives. Most people are exposed to parabens daily. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has suggested that greater than 90 percent of the population is exposed to these substances Parabens are broken down quickly in the body and have been detected in urine, breast milk and blood.

Parabens are added to many products to extend their shelf life, reports BabyCenter. Parabens are used in pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, and toiletry products, including some baby products. Parabens are not expensive and are highly effective preservatives. Growth of mold and bacteria which could spoil products and potentially harm consumers, is prevented by parabens. Research has suggested a link between these substances and health issues such as sperm damage, breast cancer and an increased risk for asthma. Therefore caution should be taken to help avoid over-exposure of babies and others to parabens.


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