The Queen’s SECRET passage at Buckingham Palace REVEALED | Royal | News (Details)



The monarch’s royal residence in London counts some 775 rooms, but not all of them are as special as the White Drawing Room.

Despite being one of the smallest state rooms at the palace, the Queen regularly uses it to receive guests, from humble citizens to head of countries.

But the Queen does not enter the room like any other person in Buckingham Palace, as she has a secret passage linking it to her private’s apartments that the monarch uses to enter the room before receiving visitors.

The door is disguised behind a dresser completed with a floor-to-ceiling mirror, which doubles up as a door. 

The ornaments on it, two candlesticks and a decorative jar, are very similar to others spread around the palace. 

But, unlike elsewhere, they are glued to the surface to prevent them from falling when the door is pushed.

This room, where white and gold dominate, has also been the setting for Christmas broadcasts formal family photographs.

The White Drawing Room has been recently refurbished and refitted with notable pieces of furniture and objects. 

Among them, a grand chandelier dominates the room, falling from the centre of the ceiling.

The room also displays a roll-top desk with a story that goes back hundreds of years. 

Sitting just in front of the secret door, is a desk, thought to have been made in 1775 for the French royal family.

It was later purchased in 1825 by King George IV. 

The Queen leaves Buckingham Palace to move to her summer residence in Scotland during the hottest months of the years.

During this period, royal fans and curious holidaymakers can get a sneak peek of some parts of the majestic residence, including the White Drawing Room and the lavish gardens.

Visitors entering the palace this year will also have the chance to see an exhibition, Prince & Patron, celebrating Prince Charles’s upcoming 70th birthday.

In this display, the royals are showcasing some artwork and personal family photos from Charles’s private collection, including never-before seen snaps of his grandson, little Prince George.  



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