Meghan Markle’s HEARTWARMING childhood tradition with her father Thomas | Royal | News (Details)



The new royal previously reminisced about their dates on her now-closed Instagram account. 

She said: “I used to have lunch with my dad here after every tap & ballet class. Happy. Thank you. More please. #mussos #hollywood.” 

The restaurant, which is also used as a film location, opened in 1919 by entrepreneur Frank Toulet and has hosted international celebrities such as Johnny Depp, George Clooney, Harrison Ford and Bradd Pitt. 

And Keith Richards hosted a dinner for 14 of his buddies during the Rolling Stones’ 1997 Los Angeles concert, while Woody Allen also threw a private party after the premier of his 2001 movie “The Curse of the Jade Scorpion.”

Meghan is well-known for being a foodie. In an interview with Marie Claire in 2003 she admitted that she loved to cook and that her Suits character Rachel Zane is also ‘into’ grub to reflect her in the role. 

“I’m always on a quest to find amazing new restaurant and new recipes,” she said. 

However Meghan’s relationship with her father has soured in recent months, with Mr Markle admitting to staging paparazzi photos in the lead up to May’s Royal Wedding. 

He did not attend the wedding due to health issues and has since claimed his plan to make a speech at the wedding wasn’t “allowed”. 

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday, Mr Markle said: “I was going to recount the funny story about how she broke the news to me about dating Harry.”

Thomas revealed Meghan said: “Daddy, I’ve met a man… Daddy, he’s English… Daddy, he’s a prince.”

He added: “I thought it was a cute story. Like any father, I wanted to say a few words. I was going to thank the Royal Family for welcoming my beautiful daughter into their family.”



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