Jagger splits from Noor Alfallah, Report

Jagger splits from Noor Alfallah, Report
Jagger splits from Noor Alfallah, Report

No one is safe from heartbreak this year — not even The Rolling Stones’ frontman Mick Jagger. The 75-year-old rockstar has been dumped by his 22-year-old lady love Noor Alfallah. Daily Mail reports suggest that Noor is with billionaire Nicolas Berggruen, who is often said to look very similar to Jagger.

Jagger and Alfallah sparked dating rumors around October last year. She’s a film producer whose father is of Kuwaiti descent while her mother is an American. She’s not too active in the film circuit but has served as executive producer for a short TV film called ‘Brose Nostra’.

She’s a busy bee in the social circuits and was catapulted to the spotlight after being seen with Jagger. Their relationship caused quite a stir, especially since their age gap was more than five decades.

The former couple met in Paris during The Rolling Stones ‘No Filter’ tour in October 2017. They reportedly spent four nights together and became inseparable. Coincidentally, they are said to have hooked up in the same private flat that Jagger used to take his ex, L’Warren Scott, in 2001. The two also met in Paris. In 2014, after suffering from depression, Scott committed suicide.

Alfallah and Jagger were introduced through a mutual friend, TV producer Brett Ratner. Before Alfallah, Jagger was romantically involved with Melanie Hamrick, who was a ballerina. The two had a child together, Deveraux, in 2016.

At the time, a source had told The Sun, “Mick still has his ­legendary charm but even the band were surprised someone as young and beautiful as Noor came to Paris to see him. They are both single and seemed to have a lot of fun together, so everyone just let them get on with it. Mick is showing absolutely no sign of slowing down. He certainly had a smile on his face and the famous twinkle in his eye. Noor is very confident and well educated so she fitted in well at all the upmarket places they went together.” Alas, the love seems to have taken a different turn.

Alafallah’s speculated latest man Nicolas Berggruen is much younger than Jagger. He’s 57, making him just about three-and-a-half decades older than her. The two reportedly started meeting in April this year, but at the time were not romantically involved.

Berggruen is a businessman who mostly works in real estate and is also a philanthropist. In October, they were reportedly snapped in LA together visiting an art exhibition. Over the summer this year, they also reportedly holidayed together in Capri and St Tropez.


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