Anne Hathaway’s Matthew McConaughey crush, Report

Anne Hathaway's Matthew McConaughey crush, Report
Anne Hathaway's Matthew McConaughey crush, Report

Matthew McConaughey has starred in dozens of prominent films and has an Oscar to prove it.

But the “Serenity” star reminded fans on “Good Morning America” that it all started with one cult classic.

“I met the right guy, in the right bar, at the right time,” McConaughey said. “I met a guy in a bar who actually cast me in my first film, ‘Dazed and Confused.'”

“Three days’ work turned [into] three weeks’ work, and I was leaving each day with a small check. And people were saying, ‘You’re good at this,’ and I was like, ‘Can you please invite me back again tomorrow?'” he added. “They did. And all of a sudden, what started off as maybe just a hobby, turned into a career 28 years later.”

McConaughey co-stars with Anne Hathaway in his latest film, “Serenity,” which hits theaters Friday. Hathaway appeared on “GMA” Wednesday, where she revealed she forgot her lines because she was distracted by McConaughey’s good looks.

“She doesn’t forget her lines,” McConaughey said, laughing, as he heard about Hathaway’s “GMA” interview. “Thank you, Anne, very flattering.”

Diane Lane also stars in “Serenity,” and McConaughey said he had to admit something to the actress as they began filming.


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