Texas man kills daughter's boyfriend, runs them over, then kills himself, police say (Report)



A man left a Texas movie theater and was shot dead by his girlfriend’s father who then ran them both over with his vehicle, drove off and then killed himself, officials said.

Omar Soto, 22, was shot Friday in Arlington. His girlfriend was seriously injured. They were caught by surprise, Fox 4 Dallas reported Saturday.

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“Confronted them rather quickly and just asked the boyfriend, ‘Hey, what’s your name?’” Arlington Police Lt. Christopher Cook told the station. “He responded what his name was, and then he shot him multiple times.”

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The woman was run over by her father as she tended to Soto in the theater parking lot.

“He actually backed up after the shooting and went around an aisle and deliberately ran over both of them as they were sitting there,” Cook told the station.

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