Storm Freya UK: The Met Office has issued a warning

Storm Freya UK: The Met Office has issued a warning
Storm Freya UK: The Met Office has issued a warning

The Met Office has issued a warning that Storm Freya could be well on her way to hammer Britain with gusts of up to 80 miles per hour, accompanied by heavy rain.

I mean, we were fools to think the sun was ever going to last – especially in February, weren’t we? Wishful thinking can only lead to disappointment.

According to the Mirror, forecasters have issued a yellow warning for wind in Wales, a large chunk of England and southwest Scotland – and following that, we could be hit by the dangerous storm (with the rather lovely name) which is due to hit the country on Sunday.

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In a statement, the Met Office warned: “Storm Freya is expected to push quickly north-east across parts of England, Wales and southern Scotland through Sunday afternoon and evening, before clearing into the North Sea through the early part of Monday.

“Gusts of 55-65mph are likely widely, with the potential for gusts of 70-80mph for coastal parts of Devon and Cornwall, as well as Irish Sea coasts of Wales and north-west England.”

I mean, we’d rather Freya didn’t bother, to be perfectly honest.

The storm could lead to flying debris, property damage, travel disruption as well as power cuts and giant waves – and to think earlier this week I got burnt and freckly in the Peak District.

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The Met Office added: “Injuries and danger to life could occur from large waves and beach material being thrown onto sea fronts, coastal roads and properties.”

The worst of the storm is set to hit the UK after 3pm on Sunday afternoon and last until around 6am Monday morning.

Sky News reported how the yellow warning could be upgraded to amber over the next 24 hours (ut oh) and forecasters are trying to figure out where the strongest winds will be.

People, very understandably, aren’t best pleased with the news but this is nature guys, we can’t control it.

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But one person seemed to think otherwise: “Why is it usually on weekends a storm is coming? Does it not work during The weekdays? Have all employer paid the storm to hit on weekends so people dont get to enjoy their time off work?”

Another said: “Storm Freya at the weekend. Batten down the hatches. Guess this past week was our Spring ha ha.”

A third joked: “Southners stay in doors and buy enough food to last a month. Northeners might need a hat and gloves”.