Royal Navy rescues brit and three children, Report

Royal Navy rescues brit and three children, Report
Royal Navy rescues brit and three children, Report

A Royal Navy helicopter has rescued a British individual trapped within the rubble, following the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, which has left 23 individuals useless.

The Wildcat helicopter was flying over Great Abaco Island to assess the damage when its crew were called to help a casualty on an eight-mile stretch called Elbow Cay.

The Royal Navy said its crew pulled the injured person, a British citizen, from the rubble and took them back to Mounts Bay to receive emergency medication before airlifting them to the capital Nassau.

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The team also rescued a woman, her two children and a baby, according to a statement.

Dorian was named the most powerful storm ever to hit a Caribbean island after it reached sustained winds of 185mph and gusts of up to 220mph.

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Medical officer Surgeon Lieutenant Rebecca Miles said: “The children were in a poorly condition and required immediate medical care.”

Flight Commander Lieutenant Lee Holborn added: “We are ready to provide assistance where necessary and it is always rewarding to know that you have made a significant difference, not only to the wider island, but to the individual families of those affected.”

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The Royal Navy said its Mounts Bay ship has been in the Caribbean since June in preparation for the hurricane season.

The crew was re-tasked last week to sail to the Bahamas in anticipation of Dorian, and since the hurricane hit, they have delivered shelter kits, ration packs and water.