Prince Charles turns 70 with party, new family pictures

Prince Charles turns 70 with party, new family pictures
Prince Charles turns 70 with party, new family pictures

The Prince of Wales is turning 70, and over the last seven decades Charles has done a lot more than just waiting around to become King.

From his proposal of marriage before Diana, to his 32 godchildren and the very particular way he dresses in the morning – there’s more to the prince than you may think.

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Prince Charles will celebrate with a glitzy party hosted by The Queen at her official London home, Buckingham Palace, on Wednesday evening.

A reception will be held in the State Rooms, followed by a sit-down dinner.

And although the guest list for the private bash has been kept under wraps, Charles will most likely be surrounded by friends from his public and private life, that have played an important part in his 70 years.

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But there are questions to whether Prince Philip will be in attendance, as he has not been seen at a public engagement since Princess Eugenie’s wedding on October 12.

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Most notably, he was not present at the Remembrance Day services last week, however the 97-year-old could make a special effort to celebrate his son’s landmark birthday.

To commemorate the birthday milestone, we’ve put together 70 facts that you may not know about His Royal Highness.