Labour: November ‘could be’ right time for election

Labour: November 'could be' right time for election
Labour: November 'could be' right time for election

Early or late? That is the question Labour must now answer. Does it accede to Boris Johnson’s demand for a general election on 15 October? Or does it seek a delay until a much later date in November?

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The news report mentions that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn believes he can trap Boris Johnson by refusing to agree to his preferred Oct 15 election date, forcing the PM to seek a Brexit extension before a poll is held.

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It was further clarified that Mr. Corbyn has agreed on a pact with the SNP that will see both parties opposing an election before Oct 20 at the earliest. Three of Mr Corbyn’s most senior frontbenchers insist it should be pushed back beyond the current Oct 31 exit date.

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