Everything Everything tell us the story behind ‘Spring / Sun / Winter / Dread’ (Report)



Everything Everything have discussed what went into making the music and video for their single ‘Spring / Sun / Winter / Dread’ as part of NME Song Stories. Watch our video interview with the band above.

The firm fan favourite, lifted from their acclaimed 2015 album ‘Get To Heaven‘, is a rare moment of positivity on an otherwise bleak record – but a true highlight of the record. Impressive, for a song that started with a chorus that was written on the train.

“Jon took a bit of convincing,” said guitarist Alex Robertshaw. “It’s a very positive song, and Jon was not in a very positive state of mind if you look at the lyrics on that album. It was hard to persuade him to get on board.”

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Frontman Jonathan Higgs continued: “When we recorded it, Stuart Price was producing. We would send him the tracks overnight to L.A. and he would send them back with little additions and stuff. The intro has a particularly stupid little bass noise that he put in. We were just pissing ourselves when we heard it. We were like ‘there’s no way that’s serious’ – but it was and it’s on the album.”

Everything Everything's 'Spring / Sun / Winter / Dread'

Everything Everything’s ‘Spring / Sun / Winter / Dread’

Speaking of the track’s surreal video, Higgs said: “We all got together in a quarry in we had these UV cameras that detect all the sun damage and stuff on your face. I wanted to make a really oppressive sun in the video. We all dressed in silver suits to reflect it off in the video and it kind of looked like a Martian landscape. We just pissed around on all the equipment there and slapped each other with gloves, played the trumpet and had a really good time.”

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He added: “It had this really good look because our skin was all fucked up and Jeremy’s fake tooth shone black. We just all looked dreadful which I really enjoy doing to us.”

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Meanwhile, the band have also just released the video for latest…