Ed Sheeran speaks on whether sexual abuse happens in the music industry (Report)



Ed Sheeran has contributed to the ongoing dialogue about sexual abuse and harassment in the entertainment industry.

The industry has been very vocal about the historical reputation of men in Hollywood abusing their power, namely the allegations surrounding Harvey Weinstein, the film producer sacked from his company following a series of sexual harassment accusations, some of which date back decades.

When asked about the presence of sexual abuse or harassment in the music industry by Sky News, Ed Sheeran began: “I personally haven’t come across it but I have a very small circle so don’t deal with a lot of people”.

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He continues: “I think it’s definitely a thing that happens in both industries”.

When asked about whether the #MeToo social media campaign, in which women speak out about their sexual harassment/abuse experiences to share solidarity with each other, surprised Sheeran, he said: “No. I think it’s dreadful that this sort of stuff didn’t get talked about before. It’s nice that it is being brought to light now.”

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Earlier today (October 19), Tom Jones spoke out about the sexual abuse that exists in the music industry.

He said, speaking about the state of  affairs in Hollywood currently, “there were a few things like that. But you avoid it. You just walk out… But what’s tried on women is tried on men as well.

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Ed Sheeran has assured fans that despite his recent bike accident where he damaged his arm, wrist and ribs, he’ll be back on tour within a month.