‘Britain’s Sistine Chapel’ reopens to public, Report

'Britain's Sistine Chapel' reopens to public, Report
'Britain's Sistine Chapel' reopens to public, Report

A conservation project to preserve a unique piece of Royal Navy history has come to an end.

The Painted Hall at the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich has been undergoing restoration work since the summer of 2016.

The 40,000 square feet of paintings were created by the British artist Sir James Thornhill between 1707 and 1726 at the pivotal moment when the United Kingdom was created and became a dominant power in Europe.

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The artworks on the walls and ceiling are considered one of the most spectacular and important baroque interiors in Europe.

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The project’s director Will Palin said it represents one of the great treasures of world architecture and art.

“The lower hall ceiling above us is technically the largest painting in Britain – so we have an object of magnificence here.”

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The painting includes images of how the Royal Navy was beginning to build the British Empire while protecting home shores.

Mr Palin said the paintings were designed to showcase the UK’s power and aspirations of the period.