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The Princess of Wales, as she was before divorcing Charles in 1996, is seen laughing and smiling with all she met during public appearances. She was natural and at ease with all she came in contact with.

Diana breathed new life into the royal institution with her interactions with members of the public and charitable work, supporting causes ranging from the protection of animals to issues surrounding children, the elderly, homelessness, and addiction.

One touching photograph shows an 18-month-old with a prosthetic arm giving a shy smile to Diana during the late princess’ visit to a rehabilitation centre.

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A very down to earth moment captured Diana running in the mothers race on a school sports day in 1989. The late royal looked delighted when she came first in the sprint at Wetherby School where Prince William was a pupil.

The Princess of Wales’ humanitarian efforts left an impact on the world, changing many people’s lives for the better. And through her sons, Diana’s work still lives on.

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The princess was a patron of several organisations, including the British Royal Cross and the Landmine Survivors Network, and was the president of Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children from 1989 until her death.

She made headlines in the early Nineties for shaking hands with HIV patients, dispelling the stigma that HIV/AIDS could be passed on through touch.

Her efforts to raise awareness about banning land mines made the front page of newspapers around the world when photographs of her walking through an active minefield in Angola were published.

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When former Prime Minister Tony Blair referred to Lady Di as “The People’s Princess” after her death, he identified exactly what she was to so many.

On Saturday, September 6, 1997, an estimated 2.5 billion people around the world tuned in to television and radio broadcasts of Diana’s funeral.

People felt they knew Diana and mourned her as a loved friend.