Meghan Markle melts over first dogs of Ireland as they interrupt meeting with President | Royal | News (Details)



The adorable mountain Bernese Mountain pooches, Brod and Sioda, welcomed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex when they visited the Irish president’s home in Dublin.

Pictures show dog lover Meghan appearing overwhelmed when the stunning dogs came out from the president’s official residence to greet her.

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The Duchess of Sussex shares a love of canines as Meghan owns two rescue dogs, named Guy and Bogart.

Guy stole the show at the royal wedding of Harry and Meghan as he entertained the 200 guests throughout the evening at the wedding reception.

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are on a historic two-day tour of Ireland, this being the Royal couple’s first official overseas visit as man and wife, after they wed in Windsor on May 19.

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