Johnny Vegas collapses on stage’ as fans fear for comic, Report

Johnny Vegas collapses on stage’ as fans fear for comic, Report
Johnny Vegas collapses on stage’ as fans fear for comic, Report

JOHNNY Vegas “collapsed” during a comedy gig with fans claiming he was “so drunk he couldn’t speak”.

A video appears to show the comedian being helped off stage at Liverpool’s Philharmonic Hall on Saturday.

Johnny, 48, was the headline act on the Laughterhouse Live Comedy Club Variety Show.

However the video appears to show him being led off stage during his set, with fans complaining about his behaviour.

One woman who was in the crowd said online: “You were an absolute d***head. P***** as a f***, couldn’t speak.

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“Escorted off stage. Spent our hard earned cash. Sort your s*** out.’’

After seeing the messages online, Laughterhouse Live’s official Twitter account tweeted a fan and insisted the collapse was faked.

The tweet read: “That was part of the act. Comedy is subjective so we had seven very different acts on so there should be something for everyone.’’

However one fan replied: “Part of the act? He was stinking drunk for the whole act, so much so there was no act.”

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They were adamant it was part of the act however and told another concerned fan: “That was part of the act… can assure you.”

Johnny, who’s real name is Michael Joseph Pennington, previously admitted he used to drink to get over his nerves before performing.

He said in his autobiography, Becoming Johnny Vegas: “I had to drink to get Johnny up to ranting pace…Drink would encourage Johnny out and that was the only time my fear of stand-up went away.”

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At the height of his drinking Johnny admitted he would drink two bottles of vodka a day.

Earlier this year Johnny revealed he’d cut back on the booze and quit junk food in a bid to become more healthy.

He wowed fans with his weight loss and was praised trying to turn his life around.

Johnny admitted he still enjoyed an occasional pint of Guinness however.