The coolest pop culture Monopoly sets you can buy (Report)



We all know it’s not really a family gathering if somebody doesn’t flip the Monopoly board in anger because Uncle Jeff has been hiding houses and your brother’s being a morally objectionable banker. Monopoly – the best board game of them all, because how else would you want to spend an afternoon than collecting fictional properties and extorting rent out of your parents?

But wait! Want a way to make your games night even better? There are tons of excellent pop culture themed Monopoly boards which will change the way you play the classic game. Here are 10 of the best:

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The Beatles

How it works: Instead of collecting houses, the goal is to make your away around the board collecting albums from ‘Please, Please Me’ to ‘Let It Be’.
What are the playing pieces? A walrus (from ‘I Am The Walrus’), a sun (‘Here Comes The Sun’), a raccoon (‘Rocky Racoon’), an octopus (‘Octopus’ Garden’), a strawberry (‘Strawberry Fields Forever’), and a hammer (‘Maxwell’s Silver Hammer’).
Coolest thing: The ‘All You Need Is Love’ money.

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How it works: Work your way around the board, and instead of buying properties you buy Pokémon – with the aim of collecting an entire ‘gym’ (set of co-coordinating Pokemon).
What are the playing pieces? Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Eevee and Jigglypuff.
Coolest thing: The Poke Marts and Pokemon Centres instead of houses and hotels.

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How it works: One of the most similar to the classic Monopoly game – make your way round the board buying up Springfield’s best properties.
What are the playing pieces? Jebediah Springfield, Kang, Santa’s Little Helper, Homer, Three Eyed Fish and Bart.
Coolest thing: One of the taxes is…