Stereophonics on 20 years of ‘Word Gets Around’, and looking to the future with ‘Scream Above The Sounds’ (Report)



Stereophonics have shot down the notion of celebrating the 20th anniversary of their landmark debut ‘Word Gets Around’, looking ahead to the future instead with their ‘escapist’ new album ‘Scream Above The Sounds’. Watch our video interview with the band above.

Now on their 10th album together, the Welsh rock veterans say that they are driven by the ‘freedom’ they enjoyed on their last few records – with 2015’s ‘Keep The Village Alive’ beating both The Libertines and Bring Me The Horizon to the No.1 spot.

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“When you’re making the 10th album, it doesn’t really feel like it,” frontman Kelly Jones told NME. “I never wanted to be in a band on our 20th year going ‘oh, let’s go do a big ‘Word Gets Around’ tour. It’s not about that. It’s about 20 years of catalogue. It’s about all of those songs, all of those different styles and everything you’ve done in those years.”

He added: “It becomes a bit too nostalgic for me. We did a [one-off anniversary] gig at the ULU and it was great. It was a great little punk rock gig and a lot of fun. It was great learning ‘Word Gets Around’ again and all the b-sides. I forgot lots, stuff blew up, and it was really energetic.”

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While the band’s drummer Jamie Morrison used to play in a Stereophonics tribute band, even he rejects the notion of focussing too much on former glories.

“A lot of bands can’t make new stuff after a certain amount of time,” said Morrison. “We’re still making great, relevant, amazing music. There’s still hundreds of thousands of people who wanna come and see us. Why not continue to make new music rather than rely on what you’ve got? The world’s already got that – but the new ‘Phonics stuff, that’s what it’s about. The 20 years is about this. It’s about the future, not necessarily the past”

Stereophonics, 2017

Stereophonics, 2017

While the world is a…

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