Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are engaged on Valentine's Day
Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are engaged on Valentine's Day

Major congratulations are in order for Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, who won Valentine’s Day 2019 thanks to straight-up getting engaged! Katy shared the news on Instagram just a few minutes ago, showing what appears to be a stunning ruby and diamond ring, a super teary eye, and a bunch of cute red heart balloons.

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Orlando shared the same pic with a slightly different caption, confirming that he and Katy are in it for the long haul.

And meanwhile, Katy’s mom shared a bunch of photos of the engagement to Facebook, including a close-up of Katy’s ring.

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Shortly before sharing news of the engagement, Katy posted an adorable picture of Orlando (by which I mean LEGOLAS) sleeping with her cute puppies, so clearly they’re already one big, happy family!

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Katy and Orlando first started dating in January 2016, briefly split in 2017, and reunited last April. In the words of Phoebe from Friends, they’re each other’s lobsters.