Josh Homme’s 10 finest moments (Report)



Queens Of The Stone Age’s glorious leader, King Badass himself, the mighty Ginger Elvis, Josh Homme has given us some of music’s most seismically rockin’ records throughout the years. Cheers, Josh – here’s to you and the 10 reasons why we love you.

‘Make It Wit Chu’

Full marks to Josh for helming one of the straight-up sexiest songs to ever exist. If this Later… with Jools Holland version of the ‘Desert Sessions’ and ‘Era Vulgaris’ track, complete with PJ Harvey backing vocals, doesn’t have you in a state of permanent priapism then we suggest getting down to the clinic and having your bits looked at, because something’s horribly wrong. Also, note the wicked way he plays the guitar whilst holding his ciggie.

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His bromance with Alex Turner

We all know that the reason Al Turner swapped his Fred Perry shirts for leather jackets was because of his Homme-hero worship, but the love goes both ways. Josh recently called Alex one of the most talented songwriters around, telling BBC 6 Music: “If I’d have grown up in Sheffield, I’d have hung out with Alex.” They also like to ride their motorbikes together. Cute.

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Homme Vs Waits

There’s only one person in the world who’s cooler than Josh Homme, and that’s Tom Waits. Queens Of The Stone Age’s cover of ‘Goin’ Out West’, from Tom’s 1992 album ‘Bone Machine’, is unsurprisingly thundering.

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Infomercial man

Hard as nails he might be, but dude also has a sense of humour, as evidenced by this fake infomercial for the last Scissor Sisters album, ‘Magic Hour’. In it, Josh plays a cue-card confounded CD-shiller, displaying a nifty sense of comic timing. Check out the sweet Cramps patch on the back of his denim cut-off waistcoat.

‘Jackson’ with Florence + The Machine

Josh’s guest spot on Florence Welch’s MTV Unplugged sesssion is the definition of awesome. The striking…