Hottest February Day Ever Expected To Hit The UK This Week, Report

Hottest February Day Ever Expected To Hit The UK This Week, Report
Hottest February Day Ever Expected To Hit The UK This Week, Report

The recent spate of warm weather has been pretty marvellous, hasn’t it? The mornings are a bit brighter and you can finally crack open the office windows.

Well, it looks like the sun is gonna keep on shining and temperatures set to rise, with the UK expected to enjoy the hottest February day on record this week.

Yep, experts are predicting temps of almost 20C, which is positively tropical compared to what we’ve had.

According to the Met Office, we can expect to enjoy ‘lots of sunshine and warmth’… Is winter really over?

The record for the hottest day of the month currently stands at a nice and balmy 19.7C, which was recorded more than 30 years ago, in 1988.

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It’s actually been a big year for February so far; temperatures in Bala, north Wales reached a scorching 16.1C last Thursday, making it the hottest Valentine’s Day in 31 years.

While last Friday saw thermometers reach 18.2C (64.8F) in Colwyn Bay, Wales, making it the hottest day of the month so far and the fourth-warmest in the past 12 years.

Met Office meteorologist Bonnie Diamond said: “What we’ve got already has been mild for February, with temperatures around 10 to 12C today.

“For the rest of the week, temperatures will steadily build, with a body of high pressure moving over from the continent.

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“Wind is coming from a south-south-westerly direction, which is generally quite mild, and we’ll have a lot of sunshine and warmth.

“That combination means we’re looking at temperatures around 17 or even 18 in some parts of the UK. The warmest February day on record was 19.7C, and there’s a possibility that could be reached by Friday or Saturday.

“We might see some places come close but that depends on the amount of sunshine. It will be 16 or 17C in London, and we could see an extra degree depending on the sunshine.”

According to the site, rain is expected to hit the UK today, with showers predicted across the North West, while it should stay a bit brighter in the south east of the country.

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And Meteogroup has also warned that people in Scotland may even see some thunder.

Don’t go busting out the Soleros just yet though, as forecaster Simon Partridge said it’s the record isn’t quite nailed on.

Speaking to the Sun, he said: “The February temperature record is 19.7C – and there’s a chance of reaching it, albeit a low chance.

“The mid-teens are likely later in the week ahead, with potential for higher, although it’s a bit too early to say.”

Fingers crossed though, eh?