Here’s how Four Tet’s studio inspired a meme (Report)



Veteran electronic wunderkind Four Tet recently released album number nine, ‘New Energy’. After almost two decades of producing music under the Four Tet moniker, Kieran Hebden is used to the ever-changing nature of music and how it’s consumed; but what he probably didn’t expect was how a perfectly innocuous Tweet about the kit he used on the new record would inspire a massive viral trend.

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Earlier this week, Hebden posted this innocent Tweet, just showing the fans where her recorded ‘New Energy’, and what kit he used.

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Showing you don’t need the most expensive equipment to make music, and boasting a charming view out the window, Hebden proceeded to answer fans questions about the recording process; but whilst this went on, his Tweet started to become a massive meme, with other Twitter uses posting the same caption alongside images of their own “studios”.

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Some, like Ed Simons from Chemical Brothers, didn’t seem to get the joke: